Questions answered

How much will my garden cost to design?

We need to meet you and have an initial site consultation to discuss your needs and assess your garden before we can provide you with a quotation.

What would I need to do before I arrange for you to come for a consultation?

Before you meet us for a consultation, make sure you have discussed with all members of the household what you all want from the garden, or area to be landscaped. If possible, everyone who uses the garden space should be at the consultation meeting.

When is the best time of year to have a design carried out?

We can design a garden at any time of year. If you contact us in January, a garden can be ready for the spring and can settle in before a dry summer. In summer, the weather is normally better for the landscaping. Container grown plants can be planted at any time of year if they are kept watered. Autumn is best for the planting of trees, hedges and bulbs so it’s a good time to have the garden landscaped. We build a lot of gardens in the winter. This is the heart of the planting season and will give the plants the best chance to establish before the summer.

How long will it take for my garden to be designed?

The whole design process from consultation, survey, master plan to working drawings takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks. This includes presentation visits to explain the designs. This is only an average and depends on the size of the garden and complexity of the design work. Some may be shorter, some longer.

Do you help us decide what types of hard landscaping materials to use?

Yes, after discussing with you your tastes and taking into account the local materials of your house etc, we will suggest suitable materials and then show you examples, so you can make a final choice.

What sort of plants should I choose?

Soil type, shade/sun and the surrounding environment determine this. Also your tastes and colour schemes, which are discussed at the consultation meeting. This is what the planting plan is based on.
Garden at night

How much will my garden cost?

After discussions with you about your brief for your garden, we will be able to give you some idea if your budget will cover your brief. Once the master plan has been produced, we will be able to give you a rough costing for the main structures of the garden. However, only when all the full working drawings have been produced, can we give you an accurate quotation for the landscaping and planting of your garden.

What happens if I can’t afford to have my entire garden built at once?

Once the design work has been completed, the quotation for the landscape work can be produced, showing different areas of work, enabling the garden to be landscaped in stages.

Can I build and plant some of my garden myself?

Yes. Many clients help in the landscaping of their garden, carrying out particular areas of work, while we landscape others.

I’m thinking of having an extension or conservatory built and then want to have my garden landscaped. When should I contact you?

We should be contacted while you’re still at the planning stage. Should the garden be landscaped first? Yes, if the building works reduces or blocks access through to the garden, or if both projects would benefit from being undertaken together.

How long will it be before the planting in my garden starts to mature?

The planting spaces used are to give as full effect as possible within two to three years, with the ground cover and herbaceous plants forming clumps, and trees and shrubs taking longer. Obviously some plants are slower growers. This is a rough guide and depends on soil and climatic conditionals and after care.

How big will the plants be when they are planted?

As a general rule, the smaller the plant the better it establishes. We plant standard horticultural sized plants in pot sizes 3L, 2L, 1L and 9cm, and bear root and root ball plants when in season. We also use larger specimen plants.

What help can you give, as this is my first garden?

We can give you a maintenance program. When used with the planting plan it will help you look after your new garden month-by-month, suggesting what to prune, how to divide herbaceous plants, etc. Remember, we’re always on the end of the phone if you need us. Some clients find this particularly useful while their gardening knowledge and skill is developing. We can also carry out advisory garden visits at intervals, as required.

How do we contact you?

We spend most of our time designing or landscaping gardens, not sitting at the computer! The best way to contact us is to telephone or by using the contact form on this site.